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We wish to meet lawyers with approximately 5 years of experience in the commercial law field to join our consultancy department. Candidates should have an excellent command of both written and spoken English with a minimum of TOEFL 100 (IBT), IELTS 7,5 or equivalent level of professional efficiency to be a part of our dynamic and hardworking team. Candidates are also required to have experience on contract law (drafting and revising different types of contracts) and corporate law (including but not limited to establishment and liquidation of companies, spinoffs). If interested, please send your English CV to balkan@guzeldere-law.com
[ 09.05.2016 ]
During the investigation conducted on Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. and TTNET A.Ş., in order to determine whether article 6 of the Act no 4054 was violated through the pricing implemented for the Home Advantage tariffs and promotions for fixed phone services, it was evaluated that certain information or documents provided by Türk Telekominikasyon A.Ş. to the Competition Authority were false or misleading. Thus, Türk Telekominkasyon A.Ş. was imposed an administrative fine of 7.551.953,95.-TL (approximately Euros 2.263.571).
[ 07.04.2016 ]
Turkish Data Protection Act Nr. 6698 has been published in the Turkish Official Gazette as of 07.04.2016. The purpose of the Act is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of persons particularly with respect to their rights of privacy and to determine the obligations of the individuals and legal entities processing personal data along with the terms and conditions such individual and legal entities have to comply with. The Act shall be applicable on the individuals whose personal data are processed and those individuals and legal entities processing personal data by entirely or partially automatic means or non-automatic means provided that they constitute part of a data registry system. Since the required technical infrastructure for applying the Act and the constitution of the council which will be responsible for the implementation of the Act has not been completed yet, certain provisions with respect to the terms and conditions for processing and transferring of personal data along with those provisions including matters with respect to the enforcement bodies shall enter into effect within 6 months following the publication of the Act. Should you have any questions or inquiries with respect to the above mentioned matter, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@guzeldere-law.com

[ 09.09.2015 ]
[ 26.03.2015 ]
The Radio and Television Supreme Council's regulations on cable broadcasting and satellite broadcasting have been amended and announced in today's Official Gazette. The amendment simply regulates the license fees being paid in installments.
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The Consumer Protection Law numbered 4077 has been replaced by the Consumer Protection Law numbered 6502 as of today (May 28, 2014). You may contact our Law Firm for further information on the new Law.
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[ 21.03.2014 ]
[ 25.01.2014 ]
Turkish Ministry of Customs and Commerce (the “Ministry”) has published in Turkish Official Gazette on the date of 25 January 2014 with the number 28893 an amendment to the Communiqué on the Liquidation and De-Registration of the Annulled or Considered Annulled and Not Liquidated Joint Stock Companies and Cooperatives (the “Communiqué”). By the referred amendment, a paragraph has been added to Article 14 of the Communiqué to stipulate the procedure applicable on the liquidation of the companies of which annulment has been ruled by the court and a liquidator has been assigned for such purpose upon the application of the Ministry. Accordingly, (i) in the lack of a notification made by the creditors despite of the call made by the liquidator and there is no property owned by the company or in the event company’s information and documents have not been provided to the liquidator or the liquidator has not been able to access to such information and documents, such circumstances will be notified to the trade registry upon which the company will be de-registered without need for any additional requirement and such de-registration will be published in the Trade Registry Gazette. (ii) in the event the company’s debts are more than its properties according to the balance sheet prepared by the liquidator, this circumstance will be immediately notified by the liquidator to the creditors. In the notification, the creditors will be invited to apply to court and to inform the liquidator about such application within three months following the notification so that the company’s liquidation by way of bankruptcy will be ruled. In the lack of informing the liquidator about the application that needs to be made to the court within the given term, the company’s or cooperative’s title will be de-registered from the trade registry upon application of the liquidator and this circumstance will be published in the Trade Registry Gazette.
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[ 30.09.2013 ]
According to the Circular of the Ministry of Customs and Trade, dated September 27, 2013, the receivables (from third parties) of shareholders that are transferred to the company as capital –which is considered as capital in kind- shall require a court appointed expert’s report. However, if the receivable is directly from the same company, a report from a certified public accountant, independent accountant and financial advisor or –for companies subject to mandatory independent audit- a report by such auditor is deemed sufficient.
[ 16.08.2013 ]
According to the Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Work and Social Security on August 16, 2013, the working conditions of pregnant or breastfeeding women at work and the conditions for rooms allocated to breastfeeding and children’s daycare center have been determined.
[ 01.07.2013 ]
According to the Communiqué issued by the Ministry of Customs and Trade on June 29, 2013, the deadline for joint stock companies and limited liability companies to amend their articles of associations in order to comply with the new Turkish Commercial Code numbered 6102 has been postponed to July 1, 2014.
[ 03.05.2013 ]
Our Article about the Law on the Liberalization of Turkish Railway System is live on the below link and under the “Articles” section of our website
[ 03.05.2013 ]
Liberalistion of Turkish Railway Network
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